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 NXT Show Thread

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PostSubject: NXT Show Thread   Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:10 pm

I think It's getting bigger and better once again. If you want a taste just watch the last NXT simply for the production and feel of the show. It really feels like a big, big promotion squished into a small building.

You have Johnny Wrestling cut a passionate promo.
A vignette with Killian Dane.
The first match is Ricochet vs Aichner and Ricochet's entrance looks amazing. It's like the budget has gone up 10 fold.
Lars Sullivan backstage looks great.
EC3 vignette
The Vikings from Space appear on stage and pillage some enhancement talent.
Everyone that is meant to be an NXT star looks like a star.
Backstage with Shayna Baszler is well done with her imposing herself on the locker room as the new bully champion.
Kona Reeves vignette (looks like he's nxt's Takahashi without a cat)
Pete Dunne looking pissed as he walks off with his bag having to go away for a few weeks on commitments. Says he'll kick Roddy Strong's head in when he's back. Pete Dunne vs Undisputed Era? Money!
Sullivan vs Dane. Again both look like beasts and big stars with production and lighting. Even though one will be leaving to head to SD he leaves looking important which makes NXT seem even more legit. Big beastly bastards smashing eachother around in a No DQ. Both use their body as a weapon which leads to some big meat smacking bumps lol. Lars Sullivan seems to lick his lips before inflicting pain, I don't know if it's on purpose or because he gets a sweaty face, but he's doing the viscous ugly monster thing well.
Zelina the mega heel vs Candice main event.
Gargano challenges Aleister Black who accepts the match for next week...
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NXT Show Thread
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