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PostSubject: Hell in a Cell   Hell in a Cell Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2018 1:31 pm

Genuinely quite excited despite it seeming like a transition period ppv...

Roman and Braun were great back when they were feuding, so to see how they may have both advanced since then is interesting. Foley as the ref makes you nervous he's going to take that one last bump, but I hope he doesn't. I saw enough in tna of his last big bumps and Roman and Strowman should be the focus and the ones making the impressionable moment. He's probably there to make sure people are dialled in to the match.

Jeff Vs Orton. Similarly nervous. I'm not sure if this is set up to be a last hurrah. The Jeff video seemed like a tribute to his career. I think whoever wins (if they don't both go out on their backs) could challenge AJ or Joe and it would be good. The crowd is going to be tough as these days they just sit quietly and wait for The big spot instead of buying in to the whole thing. But if anyone can draw them in it will be these two.

Rousey vs Bliss. A good test of Ronda selling an injury with the rib. I like that she dominated Alexa once but now Alexa has something to work on to give her a chance. As enough time passes they can make all the women suss out how to get on Ronda's level too. Eventually in this match up pairing Alexa and Rousey could go in at 100% and it not be one sided as Alexa gets confident in her ability to challenge Ronda.

Becky vs Charlotte. Probably the best video package. It made me think this should be the main event. Hopefully it gets good time as it's a story that needs it.

Joe vs AJ II. Even though both have been on form, Joe coming into his own with consistent time, it feels like it's been a bit buried in the card and on tv. Stuck in the middle of shows. It won't take away from my enjoyment, but I know it won't make as big an impact with the entire audience as it should. WWE released a top ten home invasions list recently, surely this is the next step if Joe loses again?

Shield vs The Dogs of War? Good match up. All the titles have vanished from tv pretty much though.

US title I don't think has a match either? Give R truth a go maybe? Who else is a mid card face atm? For a Random stand alone match I'd love to see Almas vs Nakamura on the card.

Miz and Maryse vs Bryan and Brie. Less interesting than the 1v1 but whatever.

SD tag team match. Yet to see who qualifies but either or both teams would make it a good stand alone match.

Any thoughts?
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Hell in a Cell
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