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 Things happening in wrestling...

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PostSubject: Things happening in wrestling...   Things happening in wrestling... Icon_minitimeSat Oct 06, 2018 11:01 am

Having now submitted all 21,827 words of a Masters dissertation, I can start talking wrestling again!

Pretty decent, I thought, until the main event. I don't get why Reigns can kick out of 500 F5s at Mania, and yet one Strowman move through a table puts him down long enough for McIntyre, Ziggler, Ambrose and Seth to have a brawl at ringside, go off the cell and then the match with no rules gets thrown out without a result. It was cool seeing Brock back though, that was genuinely a surprise. In terms of the Universal title though, I'm hoping they ditch the Strowman / Reigns angle and move McIntyre into title contention. He's been amazing since he returned, although his most impressive feat thus far is making Ziggler interesting.

Orton was immense too, that bit with Jeff's ear was perfect. Hoping he gets moved onto AJ next, AJ needs an utter bastard to feud with. Joe's great, but despite all his evil-ness, he'll never be accepted as a true heel by a section of the smarky crowd. Orton, though, is an utter shitbag and seems to enjoy doing it.

Bryan / Miz, meh. I think they blew this one as soon as Strowman won MITB - if Bryan had won the title from AJ at Summerslam and MIz cashed in on him, this could have been taken all the way to Mania, with Bryan winning the Rumble.

Becky's an amazing female heel too. Loving the work between her and Charlotte.

I'm also really annoyed HBK is back and looking like he'll wrestle in Saudi Arabia. I loved his retirement, it was done perfectly. I loved that he'd not wrestled again. I'm bloody annoyed he's ditched that for the money he's being offered. He does look much better with a shaved head though.

I also quite like the tease of Ambrose splitting on the Shield. He needs to be a heel.

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Things happening in wrestling...
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